What Russ Smith Construction Clients Have to Say.

Ben and Bonnie Jacobsen - Minneapolis, Mn.

Dear Russ,

We’re writing to let you know how much we appreciate your work as contractor on our home in Hayward. The project went better than we could have imagined. We are impressed with the exceptional quality of your work, the work done by Nate, Greg and Rob, and the excellent suggestions you made to improve the home or reduce costs. Since we performed the electrical work ourselves, we want to thank you for your patience in working with our schedule.

We’re extremely pleased with the final result and thank you for making the experience such a pleasant one. Please feel free to use us as a reference.


Ben and Bonnie

Paul & Elaine Anderson

"Dear Russ,
About five months have passed since you completed the major addition / house renovation work on our Whitefish Lake residence. To date our "shakedown cruise" has been flawless, and my wife and I just wanted to express our thanks to you for a job well done.

As you know, one of our biggest concerns about going ahead with this project was that we did not want our house to have that dreaded "added-to" addition look. It is impossible to tell that a major addition was added to our home. Another critical concern we had over this project was the completion date. The house is in a summer rental program and it was crucial that the work be completed by early June prior to the appearance of the first renter. You committed to this time frame and to our relief finished the job in a timely manner.

We also are very appreciative of the excellent quality of workmanship that went into the addition. This was a major project, and it necessitated a lot of expertise and hard work from you and your well chosen subcontractors. With your orchestration, everything came together in a timely fashion and so far we are very satisfied with all aspects of the project in its completed stage. We could go on and on about how much we like the house with its added space, but I think it prudent to keep this letter to one page.

Please extend our gratefulness to Nelson Lumber's Rick Walker who worked so well with you on this project and to Pat Block for his superior design work. And lest I not forget, please thank Michelle Salrin and Lanelle McGuire of Floor to Ceiling. Michelle's designs for the new kitchen and washrooms turned out just great. And, we're quite pleased over the recommendations Lanelle made for our new hardwood flooring and carpeting. In our eyes, these people are all the best in their respective fields of work.

Do not hesitate to use our name as a business reference. Our experience with this addition was a very positive one, and for this we will be forever thankful to you."

Paul & Elaine
Naperville, IL & Stone Lake, WI

Pete & Kathie Simpson

"Dear Russ,
Thank you for a job well done. Your estimates were right on, the time frame for completion came in early, and your attention to detail was much appreciated. As the general on the job you followed through on subcontractors that had trouble with their installations. I asked you to help custom design a water feature and it turned out just as I had planned it, and it is the talk of the patrons that visit us. I now have an attractive Log style office that I get nothing but compliments on. I would refer anyone to your firm with confidence."


Pete & Kathie
Hayward WI 54843

Joe and Julie Gendrich
"Russ Smith Construction,
We just want to thank all of you for making our home so great! The quality is seen throughout the entire home. We are surely pleased and we will recommend you and your crew to anyone!"

Much appreciated,

Joe and Julie
Sharon and Dick Kuhns

"Dear Russ,
Sharon and I would like to express our appreciation for the high quality of your work in building our new home on Grindstone Lake. We are pleased with every detail.

Since we took responsibility for accomplishing the electrical, plumbing and some of the finishing work, we especially appreciated your patience and support.

We have enjoyed the interaction with your crew and mason subcontractor. The fireplace and log mantle look great! The landscaping is perfect! Our home looks great and we know that the underlying construction is very solid.

The entire experience- from the house design, working with Ric Aultman and the group at Nelson Lumber, and the construction performed by you have been very enjoyable."


Sharon and Dick

Keith Dewars

"Dear Russ,
I would like to thank you for the great job you and your crew did for us on the construction of our new home. Everything went smoothly and was completed on time, which we really appreciated. Your attention to detail is a testament to your work ethic."

Thanks again!- Keith